“If Iran Did It….” by Knowledge Ninja Ostovar

Today, certified Knowledge Ninja Afshon Ostovar published a highly needed article on Iran, Hezballah and the recent spate of plots and attacks around the globe.  I’ve been hoping @aostovar would publish something and today he delivered with this article at Foreign Policy entitled “If Iran Did It“.  I just finished reading it and I encourage all those trying to get up to speed on a new era of potential Iranian state sponsored terrorism.  Here’s an excerpt:

It’s been a busy 12 months for the Islamic Republic. Together, the foiled assassination plot against a Saudi diplomat in the United States, bombing attempts in Georgia, India, and Thailand, as well as the arrests of Iranians in Kenya, Azerbaijan, and a possible Hezbollah operative in Cyprus, suggest that Iran’s once relatively cautious approach to covert activity may be giving way to a more hot-blooded, aggressive strategy driven by Iran’s hawkish military leaders.

Ostovar provides much needed context as to why Iran has pumped up its recent activity stating:

Terrorism by proxy affords Iran the only retaliatory option that does not necessarily bring it to or past the brink of war. And it’s an area where Iran has plenty of experience, relying on both its successes in Iraq and its handful of well-known previous operations in cultivating the reputation as an effective covert actor outside its borders.

A great read and check it out at this link.