Launch of Selected Wisdom- Business, Finance and Energy

Today I am launching Selected Wisdom- Business, Finance and Energy.  Over the past several years, I’ve found great insights from business case studies and economics research.  When I encounter peers in the private sector, I’m often surprised how their challenges in organizational management, logistics, human resource management and strategic vision mirror that of both terrorist organizations and counterterrorism bureaucracies.  Likewise, I’ve overlapped on several occasions with research endeavors in the financial and energy sectors.  Their quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques utilize similar modeling and information aggregation methodologies to those employed in national security analysis.  Financial and energy sector companies, much like their public sector counterparts in government, face the same obstacles in assessing and utilizing expert judgement- a topic of particular interest at Selected Wisdom. If all goes as planned, I’ll soon try to utilize the crowdsourcing methodology used here at Selected Wisdom (for assessing AQ’s strategy) in a similar fashion in the financial and energy sectors.  More to come on that front in the coming days.

I’ll begin making short posts on the Business, Finance and Energy page from time to time as I find interesting commentary and unique insights.  If I think the international affairs/national security/counterterrorism audience might be interested as well, I’ll do a quick redirecting post on the main page.