Last call for votes: 2 years Post-Bin Laden survey

I’ve had the “2 Years Post Bin Laden Survey” up since the start of May and thanks to all those who have already cast their votes.  We’ve already collected hundreds of responses and the results should be a fascinating contrast on how our collective perspectives have changed with regards to terrorism, al Qaeda and Bin Laden’s legacy.  At the end of July, I’ll begin compiling the results of this year’s submissions.  In preparation, I wanted to throw up a quick post calling for any last votes for the survey.  Any and all are invited to participate, no experience or requirements to participate.

If you’d like to open the survey in a separate window, click on this link.  Or you can answer the survey here in this window below.

Thanks for participating and the results will come out soon.

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  1. The survey implies that AQ’s growth or weakening is a direct result of U.S. counterterrorist efforts, which it is not. AQ’s operational capabilities have been degraded as a result of U.S.-led efforts, but events (the Arab uprisings) have provided AQ with new opportunities. The ability of the U.S. to shape the trajectory of these events is very limited. In other words, the contest is not as binary as the poll implies.

    Second, the poll seems to equate confidence with level of assumed knowledge about terrorism. I assume to have a fairly good knowledge about terrorism. I have low confidence that my assessments will prove correct, because I appreciate uncertainty and expect surprise, like the Arab uprisings, which no one predicted, the Syrian civil war, the overthrow of Morsi, etc. These can turn out to be game changers.

    I will be interested in the results of the poll.

    Brian Micheal Jenkins

    • Thank you for the taking the time to participate and for your comments. You are exactly right, there are things that have emerged in the two years since Bin Laden’s death that have impacted al Qaeda in many ways and these are not adequately accounted for in the survey. The questions were in most cases duplicated from the results of past years and the hope is that by repeating the questions at routine intervals each year, the results will illuminate changes in popular perceptions about terrorism and al Qaeda. For examples of many of these questions that are repeats of previous years and how people responded in past you can visit this link which shows the assessments from 2011 and 2012.

      I will leave the poll open for an additional two weeks but again, thanks for your response and I’m honored to have you participate.

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