Shout-Outs: Two Great NYU Grads

Continuing with my Shout-outs, this week I wanted to highlight the work of two excellent NYU PHD’s: Dr. Rebecca Molloy and Dr. Geoff Porter. I met one through the other and they both proved excellent in their respective disciplines.

Dr. Molloy remains the best Arabist (I think that’s the right term) I’ve met.  From 2005 through 2007, she provided fantastic linguistic, terrorism and Middle East analysis for an instructional and research team I worked with.  Dr. Molloy could rapidly and accurately translate and research any topic.  Additionally, her classroom presence was excellent.  I watched Becky get exceptionally grumpy government personnel enthusiastically engaged in an Arabic language familiarization class.  Only a select few can pull off this feat.  So a big shout out to Becky for not only knowing Arabic (I’ve seen many a so-called terrorism expert claiming to know Arabic, not!) but mastering it to such a high level.

Dr. Geoff Porter is my go-to reference on everything North Africa.  While strong in the Middle East as well, Geoff conducts excellent research on all things North Africa; energy, finance, politics and terrorism with a particular emphasis on AQIM.  Rather than “google” his research to death, Geoff has traveled extensively and routinely to North Africa truly understanding the region’s dynamics.  He’s excellent in the classroom and sharp in his writing.  Today, he released an excellent article on AQIM entitled “AQIM’s objective in North Africa.”  Go Geoff!

So this week, I add Geoff and Becky to my expert list.

I should note that I’m also a big fan of MoorNextDoor and SahelBlog and really endorse their writing on North Africa.  However, Shout-outs are reserved for those I meet in person.  So, when we get past our “The Social Network” phase, I’ll make sure to add you guys to the list.

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