Poll: The Future of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia

The waves of democratic euphoria sweeping North Africa and the Middle East appear to have peaked. Protests continue in many places but most have settled into a general state of mild uncertainty.

Tunisia’s uprising shows signs of true revolutionary change, but there is still a long way to go. (The 60 Minutes clip shows a protester taking a post in the new Tunisian government and finding some stiff challenges)

Egypt seems like it could go either way.  I hear the talk of elections. But, will those elections only bring another oppressive regime or a military coup?

Libya seems to be the least certain.  Gaddafi’s forces continue to advance east led by unchecked air power.  However, the Libyan opposition appears more organized than other movements (at least militarily); challenging Gaddafi forces initially before being overwhelmed by air power.

I have some opinions, but I thought I’d throw this out as a poll to see what people think about the future of democracy in North Africa.

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