Shout-Outs: Iran Analysis

No national security topic has taken a more haphazard path over the past ten years than Iran.

Axis of Evil, Ahmadinejad will destroy the world, they have nukes, IRGC, the U.S. should invade now, the U.S. should never invade, the Iranian people love us, the cleric’s hate us, Hezballah will attack on behalf of Iran, Twitter will free the Iranian people, yayayaya, it’s all baffling.

Media coverage of Iran swings wildly. I find at least half of the news and analysis I read about Iran to be totally off-base and needlessly unnerving.  So, when I want to get some perspective on Iran that is balanced, retrospective and enlightening, I turn to Dr. Afshon Ostovar.  Afshon delicately summarizes the good and the bad with a richer understanding of Iranian history, politics, religion and intentions.  Not only to I walk away from his discussion better informed (and more calm), I am usually entertained in the process as Afshon truly has a unique and engaging presentation style that is hard to come by.

This week’s Shout-Out and addition to the expert list goes to Dr. Afshon Ostovar of the Center For Naval Analysis.

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