How big is al Qa’ida?

Ten years ago, I remember sitting with some co-workers discussing how many people were in al Qa’ida.  Recently, J.M. Berger from Intelwire initiated an interesting discussion on “What is al Qa’ida?” which tallied the votes of readers.  The findings were quite interesting.  Following up on “what is al Qa’ida?”, I ask “How many people are in al Qa’ida?”  This question, unlike most of my past survey questions, should be ideally suited for crowdsourcing.  Essentially, if enough people vote, we should, on average, be relatively close to the right answer- or at least that is what crowdsourcing advocates say.

So please cast your vote below.  Use any definition of “al Qa’ida” you prefer and take a guess.  I’ll post the results of the collective estimate in a few days.  I also ask for your professional category so we can see how different groups see the size of al Qa’ida. Click on “Done” after the second question and your vote will be submitted.

    Please enter one number and only one number!

If you enter a range I can’t average the collective answers to come up with a single estimate.

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Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in voting:

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