Continuing to Crowdsource the Future of Investing

For those familiar with the al Qaeda Strategy 2011-2012 survey and Post-Bin Laden Poll, you may have also seen the “Future of Investing” challenge I ran a few months back.  The idea was to see if the same crowdsourcing approach, which proved helpful in gathering expert opinions for what the future of terrorism would look like, might also be able to collectively forecast the future of investing in a time of economic turmoil.

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced another decrease in unemployment suggesting there could be some renewed confidence coming into investment markets.  I saw this as another opportunity to re-post the Crowdsourcing the Future of Investing survey and see what people think about the economy compared to perceptions a few months back.

Thanks to all those that voted in the October round of the survey and for those just hearing about the survey, click the below link and answer the six questions (which take about 3 minutes).

Future of Investing Survey

Here’s a sample of the survey and its first question.

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