When should the West get involved in Syria’s chaos?

The news from Syria continues to get worse. The past couple of days have noted the bulldozing of homes, heavy civilian casualties and even more prescient – a flood of refugees. The New York Times reports:

More than 100,000 Syrians fled their country last month, a sudden acceleration of the exodus prompted by 18 months of conflict, the United Nations said Tuesday.

The fighting continues to get worse, but with occasional successes on the disparate parts of the FSA; a segment of which may have captured a Syrian military outpost and ADA battery in Deir el-Zour (Western Syria). Unfortunately, the U.S. position may have gotten more complicated again as a U.S. journalist and former Marine captain, Austin Tice, may be missing in Syria or detained by the Syrian government.

Tice was last heard from on Aug. 13, near Damascus. About a week later, the Czech ambassador to Syria said she had information indicating that Tice, a Georgetown University student and a former U.S. Marine Corps captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is alive and being held by the Syrian government.

So, the question remains, should the U.S. start backing the rebels in Syria? Vote here and I’m posting the full results at the end of this week.

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