The following is a list of articles and other publications by the author(s) of the Selected Wisdom blog.  Many blog posts refer to these articles or use components of these articles for discussion purposes.  Thanks to the publishers for supporting my work.

Articles and Publications from Clint Watts and friends:

Indicators of NGO Security in AfghanistanMonterey Institute of International Studies, 2004

Al Qaeda’s (Mis) Adventures in the Horn of Africa, Combating Terrorism Center, 2007

“Can the Anbar Strategy Work in Pakistan?”, Small Wars Journal, 2007

“Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan: What Foreign Fighter Data Reveals About the Future of Terrorism?”, Small Wars Journal, 2008.

“Foreign Fighters: How are they being recruited?”, Small Wars Journal, 2008.

“Countering Terrorism from the Second Foreign Fighter Glut”, Small Wars Journal, 2009.

Building Modern Terrorism Investigators“, The Counterterrorist, 2009

Yemen & Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: Exploiting a Window of Counterterrorism Opportunity“, Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI), George Washington University, June 2011.

Major Nidal Hasan and the Fort Hood Tragedy: Implications for the U.S. Armed Forces.” Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI). June 2011.

“Hunting For Foxes: Capturing the Potential of Outlier Ideas in the Intelligence Community,” with John E. Brennan, December, 2011.

Unconventional Methods,” Research Magazine, February, 2012.

Hammami’s Plight Amongst al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda’s Game of Thrones,” with Andrew Lebovich, Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI), George Washington University, March 2012.

Drones in Yemen: Is The U.S. On Target?”, with Frank Cilluffo, Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI), George Washington University, June 2012.

What If There Is No Al Qaeda? Preparing For Future Terrorism,” Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), July 2012.

Radicalization in the U.S. Beyond al Qaeda,” Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), August 2012.

U.S. Strategy for Countering Violent Extremism: An Assessment,” with Dr. Will McCants, December 2012.

Interview, “al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia and its proven success at recruiting Canadians” and “al Qaeda Recruitment in North America” at 16×9, April 2013

Interview “Jihadi Radicalization via Social Media” at the Loopcast, May 2013

The Siege in Nairobi,” Foreign Policy, September 2013

Panel “Foreign Fighters in Syria“, FPRI, October 2013

The Three Versions of al Qaeda: A Primer,” Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), December 2013.

Interview with Will McCants & J.M. Berger, “Counterterrorism, Drones, Syria and More,” War on The Rocks, December 2013.

Panel, “The al Shabaab Threat After The Westgate,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, December 2013.

Interview “Drones: The Defining Aerospace Technology of 2014,” The Takeaway, January 2014.

The Good and the Bad of Ahrar al Sham“, with Michael Doran and William McCants, Foreign Affairs, January 2014

Foreign Policy Research Institute – “Smarter Counterterrorism” Series – Five Parts

June 2014 – American Enterprise Institute (AEI) – al Qaeda: Is the U.S. Winning?


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