Selected Wisdom started as a blog in 2010 designed to gather information from researchers and analysts with unique insights in their respective disciplines and provide analysis on a range of national security topics. In 2021, Selected Wisdom will do the same—crowd sourcing, curating and creating analysis and lessons learned on national security, social media and the information environment, and whatever else might come up on any given day. 

We recognize that social media and the Internet have changed dramatically since 2010 when the blog began, and thus we’ve updated how we create content: Selected Wisdom will continue as a blog at Substack, be accompanied by short videos on YouTube, and will also include podcasts. The Selected Wisdom website will be the place where all of these mediums converge.

Selected Wisdom is hosted and moderated by Clint Watts, with occasional drop-ins from his research team and colleagues, friends, and maybe even his enemies.

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